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Steps Three & Four: Selecting Building Blocks and Personal Power Words

In Living on November 15, 2010 at 8:47 pm

The Intentional Life Power (ILP) Program is much like peeling the layers of an onion to discover the truth of who you are and the actions you need to take to lead a more fulfilling life.

Barbara, a woman who came to me for life-coaching, wanted to transition from being a full-time school teacher to tutoring high school English.

As indicated in step two of my ILP program, Barbara defined her problem – I lack the courage to take the steps to tutor part-time. Based on this problem I coached Barbara to define her intention – to be courageous and take the steps required to become a part-time tutor.”

Barbara was now ready to move to Step Three: Selecting Your Building Blocks.

Imagine arriving at the house of your dreams. It’s built in beautiful Georgian brick style practically glowing in sunshine and filling you with happiness.  Unexpectedly, you encounter a huge problem – there are no steps leading up to the front door. Without those steps it’s impossible to get into your house.

Just as building blocks are needed to construct the house of your dreams and, more importantly, the steps to the front door, they are also used define/build your goals and the steps you need to take to achieve them.

In Step Three, we choose building blocks to help us define our goals and those areas of our lives we want to improve. For example, if our goal is to be healthy, we choose Physical Building Blocks for eating right and exercising. If we want to be more spiritual, we select Spiritual Building Blocks for prayer and meditation. Other examples of building blocks include Mental, Emotional, Financial, Relationship, etc. These Building blocks may also be used in different combinations as needed.

Barbara chose Mental and Emotional Building Blocks because they felt the most appropriate for her goal. To accomplish her intention, Barbara needed to be courageous which she considered to be Mental Building Block energy. She also chose Emotional Building Blocks to construct the contentment and deep feelings of satisfaction she wanted.

Just as critical as the bricks themselves is the mortar that keeps them together. In Step Four: Choosing Your Personal Power Words, we are selecting the mortar.

The Personal Power Words Barbara chose to further define her Emotional Building Block were passion, contentment and confidence.  For her Mental Building Blocks, she chose believe, tenacity and determination.

Many of us have habitually looked outside ourselves since childhood for what we need.  As adults we learn that being autonomous and looking within is a healthy way of getting in touch with our personal power.  The practice of working with Building Blocks and Personal Power Words makes it easier for people to specify their goals while giving them the power and energy necessary to achieving the life they want.

In other cases such as with Angie, a recent divorcée, and Rick, an investment banker, Building Blocks and Personal Power Words have been effective

Angie began to look inside herself to discover the Building Block energy she needed to serve her intention, which was “to heal from her marriage and move on with her life”. She expressed the inner turmoil she experienced, “the thoughts and feelings that I have keep me stuck in my old rut.”  The Building Block Angie chose was “Spiritual” and the Personal Power Word she selected to define that spiritual energy was “Heal.”

Rick lost complete trust in his abilities as an investment banker. In Step Two, Rick’s intention was to trust his investing knowledge and expertise.  He selected the Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Building Blocks.   The Personal Power Words he chose to support his Mental building block was discipline, focus and knowledge; for Emotional he chose neutralize and patience; for Spiritual he picked  meditation, mindful and clarity. Rick had taken his power back, which increased his confidence to achieve his intention.

For Rick, the keys that unlocked his power were in the particular combination of Building Blocks he selected and how he defined them with his Personal Power Words.  Rick discovered the secret within him by using ILP and in so doing had set himself free to take his power back to regain trust in his abilities.

You too can set yourself free to take your own power back, as well by working these steps on your own.