Mari Craig, LCSW-C, CCDC, CPC

Step Five: Developing Your Power Circles

In Living on December 18, 2010 at 5:06 pm

In prior entries I take you through the first three steps of my Intentional Life Power program using the case of Barbara who wanted to transition from a stressful position as a teacher to a part-time high school English tutor.

In step one, Barbara admitted she lacked the courage to take necessary the steps towards becoming a tutor.

In step two, she defined her intention – to move past doubt and fear and take the steps required to fulfill her goal.

In step three, Barbara selected the building blocks she felt would give her energy to accomplish her intention.  She chose the Mental and Emotional building blocks. She then chose Personal Power Words to further define her Mental building block (courage, belief, tenacity and determination) and Emotional building block (satisfaction, passion, contentment and confidence).

For step five of my ILP program, the objective is to transform your building blocks and personal power words into a visual representation of the mindset you need in order to achieve your goal. This is best done by drawing Power Circles, which symbolically represent the infinite nature of energy and the capacity of energy to achieve intention.

However many Power Circles you have chosen, draw each of them on a blank sheet of paper so that they all overlap and intersect with each other – do this in a way so that you have a clear center. Label each power circle the same energy as each of your building blocks and draw an image inside each circle that captures the essence of that circle.  For example, if you have a Spiritual building block create a Spiritual power circle labeled Spiritual with image of a lotus flower. Finally, in each power circle include the corresponding personal power words you’ve chosen to help fuel your intention.

Barbara took her building blocks and personal power words and created her power circles. She also added beautiful images to each of her circles to help anchor them in her thoughts. In the process of doing this she was able to visualize her goal and believe in her ability to achieve it.

By actively working through this step, you begin to shift your mind away from abstract rumination and intractability towards a concrete intention and more directionally appropriate thinking.


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