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Creativity Time

In Living, Uncategorized on July 10, 2011 at 7:42 pm

Being on sabbatical these past few months has been a refreshing opportunity for much needed creativity time.  On the professional side, I have recharged my batteries with some new and challenging activities.  Personally speaking, I have been able to find creativity in old familiar ways.  Together these have allowed me to have a new wellspring of creativity to share with you.

Professionally, I have been creating workshops for groups of divorced people.  One workshop was for those who are newly divorced and the other for those who have been divorced for longer than one year.  Each of these groups were about using the Intentional Life Power Program; albeit differently.  With the former group it was about making a new start despite the anger, fear and loss.  In the later group, the focus was on rebuilding with the energies of being a person with a clear individual identity and purpose.  Each of these phases is important regardless of which transition phase you are going through.  Life is a lot like that – finding that place within where we can grieve, let go of the past and move on to building a brighter and more promising future.

Personally, I have been able to find creativity in ways that I had drifted away from – meditation and writing poetry. My morning meditations have allowed the spirit in me to rediscover itself with a sense of belonging much like a homecoming.  That special sense of wholeness is the unique gift of the meditative experience to me.  This in turn has provided a creative outlet through poetry writing as it did in my younger years. Meditation allows me to have a spirit connection while writing poetry provides the creative connection.  For me, this is a nurturing way to begin my day with a contentment that lasts all day long.

Personal and professional realms are equally important in order to have a creative connection with ourselves.  For many of us there is a need to be reminded of the value in consistently nurturing ourselves.  My wish for you is that you may come to value consistently nurturing yourself and see yourself as someone who deserves to be nurtured…who knows you may rediscover that creative spirit in you that has long been forgotten and needs befriending.


Step Six: Developing Your Personal Power Statements

In Living, Uncategorized on January 12, 2011 at 8:26 pm

In past entries, we’ve been looking at the ILP case of a coaching client of mine named Barbara who wanted to transition from her job from being a full-time teacher to a more flexible role as a high school English tutor.

After completing step five in which Barbara created power circles to visually represent the mindset she needed to achieve her goal she proceeded to take the sixth step and develop three Personal Power Statements.

Barbara’s Personal Power Statements would become both an action plan and a mantra that would help guide her towards her intention.  For each statement she would use the following prefixes: I deserve, I intend and I follow through.  Her statements read as follows:

  • I deserve to believe in myself and have contentment in my profession
  • I intend to be courageous by taking the steps required to tutor part-time
  • I follow through with determination and confidence

By developing power statements that echo your building blocks, power words, and power circles you are shifting from ideas towards more action oriented thinking. Taking this step instills a firm belief in your mind that you can actualize your intentions.