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Step Eight: Manifesting Your Intention

In Living on January 20, 2011 at 5:06 pm

In previous entries I went through the first seven steps of my 8-step Intentional Life Power program using the case of Barbara, a coaching client of mine, who wanted to transition from a stressful job as a full-time teacher to a more flexible part-time role as a high-school English tutor.

After taking each critical step in my ILP program and envisioning her intention, as described in Step 7, Barbara was ready to move on to Step 8 and take the action necessary to manifest her intention – to do the work to become the person she wanted to be.

Manifesting intentions starts with owning the mindset of where you want to be.  Barbara began to act the part of the tutor with confidence, courage and the unshakable belief that she could do it. With this mindset she was able to take concrete steps towards realizing her intention.

Barbara began to network fearlessly with friends, peers and successful tutors to learn more about the work she wanted to do.  She researched the position fully and took courses to help her get recognized as a tutor. Soon she happily started to take on tutoring work in local high schools and initiated a private tutoring service.

Today, she is thrilled with the flexibility and freedom that comes with her chosen profession. Barbara’s experience with the ILP program has also given her additional tools to help her achieve other goals in her life.

When you begin manifesting your intention you start to let go of self-imposed limitations and create more options and possibilities for yourself.

The 8-step Intentional Life Power program is your personal program for success and you have my support to guide you as the need arises. Now is your time to become one with your inner power with great courage, confidence and joy.


Step Two: Defining Your Intention with the Intentional Life Power Program

In Living on August 9, 2010 at 1:55 pm

Making better choices is something all of us strive for, yet many of us have a great difficulty consistently making decisions that are beneficial for ourselves and those around us.

If you find yourself repeatedly sabotaging your goals and dreams through poor decisions then The Intentional Life Power Program (ILP) can help you identify core issues/problems that may be holding you back so you can establish clear intentions and move forward in your life.

In my previous post, Step One: Defining Your Problem with the Intentional Life Power Program, I described how to identify problems using the example of Barbara who defined her problem as lacking the courage to take the leap from being an overworked high school teacher to being a more fulfilled freelance tutor for high school English students.  Over the time I spent with her, Barbara became more comfortable with the making the radical life shift by regularly meditating on her goal.

Ultimately Barbara was able to make a deep mental and emotional shift as I coached her in refining the definition of her problem.  After several attempts, she was able to clearly define her problem as “an inability to find the courage to take the steps towards becoming a freelance tutor”.  Now that Barbara was able to articulate her problem she was in a better position to establish her intention.  As I continued to work with Barbara, she began to confront her fears of failure and the myriad excuses for not working towards what would make her life happier and more fulfilling.

While making decisions can be extremely difficult, as it certainly was in Barbara’s case, it must be pointed out that people can get in their own way by allowing their anxieties to prevent them from moving ahead.  At one point, Barbara confessed, “I have always had a hard time making decisions and I sell myself short every time when I flip-flop this way”.

As I coached Barbara through each of her anxieties and excuses she discovered that none of them were valid.  She began to look deeply into herself and take back the power she had over her life and the dreams she wanted.  Once she found the source of her personal power within herself she was ready to commit to change.

After serious introspection, Barbara drew in a deep breath and articulated her intention as “I intend to find the resolve within myself to be courageous and take the steps to tutor part-time.”  At last, she had worked through her anxieties and made the tough choice to move ahead with her life and to be a fulfilled woman.

Making the choice to define your intention can be the hardest and most critical step in the ILP Program.  Barbara was able align herself with her intention and once she had done that her dormant inner forces came to support her and she would never be the same.